Limonta Interiors is today a modern and innovative expression of a deep-rooted textile culture that started in 1893. We create unique fabrics for contemporary furniture through a vertical and integrated production process, wisely mixing the know-how of passionate collaborators and using excellent raw materials.
The cornerstones of our actions have always been the constant valorization of Made in Limonta, the guarantee of a fast and flexible service, the daily propensity and attention to implement the sustainability of the entire organization, to pursue the total satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.


The experience of our qualified collaborators, the continuous technological innovation, and the constant experimentation with innovative yarns and finishes allow us to create - through a Style Office that is always up to date with the latest trends - products that meet the most demanding requirements for durability, comfort, and exclusivity. Our collections are developed continuously and are a source of inspiration and stimulus for our customers, to create exclusive fabrics in terms of colour and quality.

Sustainable Philosophy

Our sustainable philosophy is a path that began a few years ago, in harmony with the Group's "be Limonta" philosophy, which aims to increase performance in protecting the environment, improving our employees' working conditions, and increasingly developing fabrics with a low environmental impact

    • Creation
    • Quality
    • Flexibility and Logistics
    • Technology and Production

The continuous updating to intercept the latest trends and the use of the most sophisticated combinations of yarns, colours and structures allow us to develop original proposals that meet the market's demands.


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Are you a buyer?